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Future of Technology: MSNBC Looks at iPads in the Classroom

Archbishop Mitty High School will have classroom iPads in use by all 1,800 of its students at this time next year, IT director Eric Anderson told Wilson Rothman, of MSNBC Future of Technology.

The segment that aired today – Inside the Wired Classroom, Learning with iPads – is available on the MSNBC Future of Technology web site.

Mitty has been a Doceri test partner since late 2010 when Anderson approached SP Controls to learn more about its new, iPad-based approach to the “electronic whiteboard” after seeing a pre-release demonstration at an educational conference.

Mitty’s associate dean of students Katherine Westmiller talked to us this summer about how Doceri has made the iPad make sense for teaching.

MSNBC also visited Stanford University, the birthplace of SP Control’s technology. Doceri Chief Architect Paul Brown’s involvement with integrating innovative teaching technologies goes back as far as 1997. In fact, Brown designed the AV and wall controls for the “classroom on a turntable” shown in the MSNBC segment.

Time marches on and technologies change. Leading Rothman through Stanford’s William R. Hewlett Teaching Center, Stanford Director of Technology Services Robert Smith reveals what he calls “vintage 2001 technology” including behemoth SMART Boards permanently fixed to the walls.

The classrooms are now outfitted with projectors and iPads connected with Doceri software that serve the needs of instructors more flexibly than those legacy fixed boards.  “Instead of laboriously drawing [math problems], it just appears” says Stanford IT director of technology services Robert Smith while demonstrating Doceri software for the MSNBC cameras.

Stanford and Mitty aren’t the only schools that are finding that iPads connected to classroom computers running Doceri software provide a more flexible – and far less expensive – solution to interactive teaching than its “one trick pony” predecessor, the electronic whiteboard. Stay tuned for more stories about both public and private schools and universities that are embracing Doceri on their campuses.

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