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Freed-Hardeman integrates Doceri into iKnow 2.0 Initiative

All incoming Freshmen at Tennesee’s Freed-Hardeman University will be issued an iPad this fall, part of a growing trend toward 1:1 eLearning initiatives using the iPad.

As part of its iKnow 2.0 initiative, instructors will also be using iPads equipped with Doceri software as the University begins a shift toward effectively using the iPad as an instructional tool within the classroom. By the Spring 2012 semester, they expect to provide iPads to those full-time teaching faculty who do not already have one.

From the Freed-Hardeman press release:

 Changing the way professors have taught for years, some of them for more than 30 years, is definitely a challenge according to campus information technology specialist Patrick Bolton.

“Although we have made great strides over the past several years, we have a few instructors who have yet to embrace new technology,“ said Bolton. “We have to find a way to integrate what they have done for years, what they are comfortable with, into this new technology.”

According to Boltin, one way this can be accomplished is by using the iPad in conjunction with a MacBook as a mobile digital white board. Using the software Doceri, allows one to wirelessly control their computer and annotate on Powerpoints and PDF documents.”

Read the press release from Freed-Hardeman University here.

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