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Recorded Webinar: How to Facilitate Learning Using Doceri

Webinar with the author of Screen-To-Screen Selling, Doug DeVitre


On September 29th SP Controls and Doug Devitre, Author of Screen to Screen Selling hosted a webinar titled:  Advanced Teaching Techniques Using Doceri Interactive Whiteboard

“We are architects of learning. We know where the students need to go and we have the content to get them there. Each session can build on the session before. Doceri allows the teacher to build content.”

– Doug Devitre

During this webinar Doug, Jason Gilmore, and a cast of global teachers talked about using Doceri to enable Facilitated Learning. This teaching method flips traditional instructional methods on its head by involving the students in the discussion rather than giving them a prescribed Power Point style presentation. This method is known in the education world as being Student Centered. Would you like to use a digital KWL chart, find out what your students want to learn or know already? With this method, Doceri allows you to include student voice/ inquiry in your lesson’s reviewable content in the form of a recording or printable PDF. This webinar is chockfull of nuts and bolts not only in using Doceri but in how to break away from the front of the room, include students in the presentation of new content, and produce reviewable material in different media. This webinar is an hour long but it’s a mile deep in useful technological based teaching techniques.

    Watch the webinar here

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