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Doug Devitre: Doceri Supports a Student Centered Approach

Doceri Supports a Student Centered Approach

Doug DevitreDoug Devitre is the author of a book called Screen-to-Screen Selling (McGraw Hill, 2015). In his book he outlines his method of conducting business consulting/ coaching online using video conferencing software and Doceri. Doug’s work applies directly to classroom teaching because the way he uses Doceri is unique.

He first fosters a conversation with his clients, finds out what they know, what they want to know, and works help them learn a new and more efficient way of conducting their business. Sound familiar (K,W,L Chart)? Doug preloads his iPad with all sorts of charts, graphs, infographics in his iPhoto and accesses them as backgrounds for annotation and recording during his online and classroom sessions. He is pioneering an intuitive and student centered education method in his field. This is a method we think any teacher can benefit from.

Doug is offering a free webinar on his student/centered approach on Sep 29, 2016 7pm EST, 6:00 PM (GMT-5:00) Central Time, 4PM PST (US and Canada)

Click here to Register for the Webinar.

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