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Doceri’s Presentation Magic

With our current focus on Doceri as a teaching tool, sometimes we overlook the obvious advantages that Doceri provides professional presenters in any situation.

Enter Les Posen’s Presentation Magic blog, which focuses on the art, science and magic of presenting. In his August 31st post, Les takes a thorough look at Doceri from the perspective of a professional presenter.

Les is a clinical psychologist by profession, andĀ also leads workshops, presentations, trainings (group and one on one), and keynotes on a variety of topics.

So where’s the magic? Les says Doceri is a “vast improvement on vanity displays which goes way beyond merely having an extra display, but a setup which can really bring out some extra training opportunities in a variety of settings: scholastic, business, adult learning, etc.” And he continues to say “frankly this is a brilliant app for Mac, PC and iPad and Doceri will keep on improving as it gains in popularity, which I am happy to contribute to!”

Read the full post below:

The Holy Grail: A Vanity Dispay Setup That Allows Controlling and Annotating Keynote, Powerpoint or Any other Application. Introducing Doceri and iKlip.


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