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#DoceriChat Questions for April 2: Screencasting Tips

DoceriChat-graphicJoin us Wednesday, April 2 on Twitter for #DoceriChat.

Our Education Community Advocate Jason Gilmore leads this weekly chat among Doceri teachers that spans Doceri tips and tricks to discussions about the interactive classroom. This week we’re talking screencasting.

1. What’s the ideal length?
2. Do you prepare your lesson and voice over all at once, or lesson first then voice over?
3. Do you intersperse questions, or pause for students to try what you are explaining?
4. Where do you host your screencast videos for students to view?
5. How do you address students’ needs who don’t have Internet at home?
6. How do you assess your student’s progress with your videos?
7. Do you use a service like Zaption to make your screencasts interactive?
8. Do you use Edmodo or an LMS?

Depending on where these questions take us, we may make this a two-part discussion, continuing on April 8.

We’ve found TweetChat the most convenient way to participate in a Twitter Chat. Watch our Twitter Chat tutorial here.

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