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#DoceriChat for April 9: Doceri screencasting and Zaption, EduCanon, TedEd

In last week’s #DoceriChat we focused on screencasting. Several teachers were keen to try using Doceri screencasts together with interactive online lesson platforms Zaption, eduCanon and TedEd. This prompted this week’s focus on interactivity, assessment and analytics for screencast lessons. We’ll continue the discussion, and check in with the teachers who have experimented with these interactive learning platforms – and welcome folks from eduCanon and Zaption to the discussion as well.

Join in on the discussion live at 5pm Pacfic – 8pm Eastern on Wednesday April 9, using the hashtag #DoceriChat. Our Education Community Advocate, Jason Gilmore, will lead the chat using the questions below.

We like to use TweetChat to moderate and participate in Twitter Chats. Our Twitter Chat screencast Tutorial explains how.

Do Now: I wish I could _____ in my screencasts. Then I my students would_____
Q1: Do you use any apps to embed questions or checks for understanding into your #screencasts?
Q2: What kind of feedback have you gotten from you students?
Q3: Please share a video with embedded enhancements.
Q4: How do you use analytics that you get back from the screencast data from your students?
Q5: Do you use the open ended question format more, less, or equal to multi-choice of fil in blank?
Q6: Do you grade these responses or is it more like a check in gradebook that they did it?
Q7: Does screencast data drive your instruction/ remediation?
Q8: Could you create a screencast test? Nice UDI format for assessment, yes?
Q9: I wish there was a service that added _____ to my screencasts
Exit Ticket: I hope to try ______ before the next #Docerichat



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