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#DoceriChat for April 16: Common Core Aligned Doceri Lessons with Guest Deb Porcarelli

Join us for #DoceriChat on Twitter, Wednesday April 16, 5pm Pacific – 6pm Mountain – 7pm Central – 8pm Eastern. Our guest this week is Deb Porcarelli of the AIMS Foundation. This tutorial explains how to participate in our Twitter Chat.


AIMS is a non-profit education foundation that exists to enhance the teaching and the learning of the concepts and the relationships of mathematics and science through activities and units that actively engage students in learning as they explore and do hands-on mathematics and science.

The Math & Science Sandbox Blog provides teachers at grade levels K-8/9 with free resources as well as opportunities to hear from and engage with staff at AIMS about math and science content, about the teaching and learning of math and science, about common core math standards, and about next generation science standards.

Deb Porcarelli from the AIMS Education staff will join us for #DoceriChat to discuss the common core-aligned lessons she’s prepared and written about on the blog.

Fifth Grade Fraction Activity

Fraction Lesson Using Doceri in Presentation Mode

More for the Classroom Using Doceri

Doceri: A Powerful Classroom Tool


About Deb Porcarelli

For the last seventeen years Deb has facilitated math and science workshops for the AIMS Education Foundation, and currently is the Trainer/Liaison. Sharing with other educators is her passion. Following her blog may give teachers new thoughts or ideas to use in the classroom.


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