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Doceri is Available in the Windows App Store

Mobility in the classroom – the ability to move around among students while presenting a lesson on the whiteboard – has been the number one reason teachers love Doceri since it was introduced for the iPad in February 2010.

WindowsStore_badge_black_en_large_120x376Now, schools that have standardized on Windows tablets can provide their faculty and students with the same mobile advantage using Doceri for Windows.

Whether used with a projector or a traditional interactive whiteboard, Doceri provides the mobility to foster true interactivity between teacher and students. Teachers move around the classroom, and students participate right from their seats.

Doceri turns your Windows tablet and computer into an Interactive Whiteboard. Imagine the freedom to move around the room, interact with your students and never turn your back to the class. Through Doceri, you’ll have access to all of your pedagogical tools. You’ll have the freedom to launch, present and annotate any document, presentation, Web page or application remotely from your Windows tablet.

Using Doceri for Windows, teachers can

* Have annotation and whiteboard functionality without the expense of a fixed interactive whiteboard – all you need is a Windows tablet, computer and projector

* Access and annotate over any file resident on the classroom computer, including PowerPoint presentations, pictures, documents, Web pages and specialized curriculum materials

* Access any brand of existing interactive whiteboard from your Windows tablet

* Create original hand-written lessons, right on your Windows tablet, and project them for the class

* Save and edit any annotated lesson file for use in another class

Doceri’s screencasting capabilities currently available in the IOS version will be added to the Windows version in a future release.

Doceri Windows PowerPointAnnotation
Annotate on-the-fly over documents or images you have saved on your computer, start fresh with a background of your choice or open a Web page. Draw, write, or highlight over the image on your tablet, and see your annotations appear in real time on your computer monitor or projected image. Save your drawings and annotations for later playback and sharing.

Creating Slideshows and Editing with the Doceri Timeline
With Doceri, you can create hand-written or hand-drawn Doceri projects on your Windows tablet, using sophisticated drawing tools and the innovative Doceri Timeline.

Each project drawing can be played back as a slideshow or animated sequence, allowing you to create and embellish presentations all within Doceri. Doceri allows you to go back and edit any drawing stroke and any inserted photo or hand drawn object at any point in your project. Create, edit, replay and perfect your hand drawn or annotated presentation before you get to the classroom. Once you’ve created a lesson, you can save and can edit it for various classes.

Standardizing on Doceri throughout your School, District or University
Deploying Windows tablets equipped with Doceri means every classroom has the same advantage of greater teacher-student interaction. Public school districts such as Garland ISD in Texas and universities like Penn State have already standardized on the IOS version of Doceri.


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