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Doceri, Interactive Teaching and the Common Core

Self-portrait painted in Doceri by Jason Gilmore

Self-Portrait painted in Doceri by Jason Gilmore

During 2014, the Freedom to Teach blog will delve deep into the interactive teaching method to show how the Doceri Classroom can aid in this engaging pedagogy. In the process, we’ll examine how to use Doceri to meet the Common Core Standards, and how students can engage with new concepts so understanding becomes a natural part of the learning experience.

The following is my To Do list for 2014 for Doceri’s Freedom to Teach blog:

* Define and give examples of the Interactive teaching method.
* Talk about the Doceri Interactive Learning System and how it supports the interactive teaching method.
* Investigate the Common Core State Standards and how the interactive teaching method can support  students to reach the new standards.
* Explore the interactive classroom and our edtech partners through live examples in K-12 schools in the US.
* Feature fantastic interactive teachers.
* Share new information on reaching all students gathered from conferences, edublogs, and other educational spots on social media.
* And of course show new fabulous teacher-made Doceri instructional videos.

Dig-Deep-DoceriWe’re inviting you all dive in to the interactive educational sandbox this year. Bring your shovel and pail because we’re about to dig deep!

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