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Doceri in my Math Classroom

Guest Post by Monica Burns

monica_burns-cropI love using video clips from Khan Academy and MathTrain to kick off math lessons! It grabs my students’ attention and is perfect for changing up our usual routine. With Doceri I can take my use of tutorials to a new level – by having students create their own. It’s important that students in my classroom feel successful and this app turns them into superstars.

Doceri allows my students to record their writing and voice as they work through a problem on the screen. It captures the action and audio as students write on the whiteboard. My fifth graders work independently and with partners to record the steps they take to solve a math problem. Doceri is a great form of assessment and can even be used to create digital portfolio items (just save the work to your iPad’s Camera Roll).

I like to save a few minutes at the end of my math class to play student recordings. Just like the video tutorial that started our lesson, students can show off how they’ve become a master of a skill. Use Doceri to promote high-level thinking in your classroom!



Monica Burns is a NYC educator with a passion for using technology with her students.  Check out her website ClassTechTips.com for technology lesson plans aligned to the Common Core Standards and more ways to become a tech-savvy teacher!

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