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Doceri Discontinues GoodPoint Stylus

SP Controls, maker of Doceri, has announced that effective immediately it will no longer manufacture and sell the GoodPoint intelligent stylus. Orders that were placed and confirmed prior to August 7, 2014 are being fulfilled. No new orders are being accepted.

The Doceri GoodPoint stylus was created with intelligent aspects that work with the iPad version of the Doceri whiteboard and screencasting software. However, demand for the GoodPoint stylus has not created the necessary economies of scale to bring manufacturing costs in line.

Any stylus will work to create hand-written lessons and hand-drawn graphics with Doceri. The intelligent features such as the innovative eraser tip and WYSIWYG pen tip and palm rejection will not be accessible without the GoodPoint. However, the Doceri toolbar includes an eraser function and the software itself includes a palm guard that slides up from the bottom of the screen to eliminate stray marks from the users hand resting on the screen while writing.

What Stylus to Use?

It really comes down to personal preference. We do recommend avoiding rubber-tipped styli for writing and drawing because they do not glide across the glass screen as smoothly as other materials. This can be very frustrating.

– The Pogo Sketch is very popular, but uses a thin, flexible tip that can be delicate – which is why replacement tips are available.

TruGlide feels more like a pen and uses a conductive fiber tip that glides smoothly over the glass.

– If you’re looking for a thicker pen, more like a dry erase marker, try the Cosmonaut.

Please let us know what third-party stylus you like to use with Doceri on your tablet.

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