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Doceri is coming to Microsoft Windows 8/RT

Doceri Windows 8SP Controls has announced that it has been working in close partnership with Microsoft since earlier this year when the software giant identified Doceri as a best-in-class app for education. The Doceri app for Windows 8/RT  is expected to be available in the Windows Store during the 2013/14 U.S. fall term. Doceri Desktop software currently runs on Windows 8.

“We looked at the landscape of educational apps vendors and identified Doceri as one of the best in its class of tablet-based whiteboard offerings,” said Nima Mojgan, senior industry solutions manager, for Microsoft Corp.  “We are excited to have Doceri available for Windows 8/RT.”

Read the News Release Here

And just how serious is Microsoft about education? They are giving away 10,000 Surface RT tablets to educators at ISTE in San Antonio June 23-26!

Advance registration for the Windows in the Classroom Surface Experience Project is required, so be sure to get your paperwork underway before leaving for the conference. You’ll need to register and have Microsoft’s gift acknowledgement letter signed by a school official.

And, if you’re on our email list we’ll let you know when Doceri is available in the Windows Store.

While you’re at ISTE, be sure to attend the fabulous conference sessions. Many presenters will be discussing Doceri in their ISTE sessions, and some will even be giving away Doceri license certificates. Be sure to stop by and see us in booth 7273 – right across the aisle from our friends at Microsoft, in Exhibit Hall D.

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