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Doceri Chosen as eSchool News Readers Choice

Readers Choice AwardNearly 1,300 readers of eSchoolNews.com, eCampusNews.com, and eClassroomNews.com  cast their votes this past spring for their favorite ed-tech products in the Annual Readers Choice Awards sponsored by eSchool Media.

The results can be found in eSchool News’ article Fifty of the best ed-tech products for schools, which explains that “In nominating their favorite ed-tech products, we asked readers to tell us how they’re using these products to improve teaching, learning, or school administration—and to what effect.”

We’re very proud that Doceri is included in this prestigious list. It’s a real testimony to Doceri’s effectiveness as a classroom teaching tool. As eSchool Media points out, this is a “list of educational technology products and services that have proven to be effective, as noted by our readers—your colleagues—in schools and colleges nationwide.”

Big Thanks to eSchool Readers

We’re overwhelmed sometimes with the great comments we receive from teachers who are using Doceri in their classrooms. We’re grateful to eSchool Media readers – especially Jennifer DiPasquale, who’s quote below is included in the Readers Choice Awards article:

“Doceri is a remote iPad app that I use almost daily in my classroom,” said Jennifer DiPasquale, a teacher at Pennsylvania’s North Hills School District. “It has completely eliminated the use of the [interactive whiteboard] in my classroom. I [can] allow my students to write on my iPad and project it on my screen. I am able to watch my students through Apple Remote Desktop, but I watch them on my iPad so I am not stuck in one place in the room. Students enjoy writing on the iPad and seeing it on the big screen. … I love Doceri!”

- Excerpted from eSchool Media, Fifty of the best ed-tech products for schools

You can also download a PDF of the entire eSchool Media Readers Choice list here.

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