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Doceri Chat Questions for March 26, 2014: The Doceri Timeline and Interactive Teaching


Join us Wednesday, March 26 on Twitter for our second #DoceriChat.

Our Education Community Advocate Jason Gilmore leads this weekly chat among Doceri teachers that spans Doceri tips and tricks to discussions about the interactive classroom.

Last week on the chat several people brought up how they use the Doceri timeline, and others wanted to know more. So, this week we’ll dig a little deeper.The Doceri Timeline is really the power center of the app when it comes to creating engaging lessons for the interactive classroom.

Secondly, we’ll dive into the interactive classroom itself, encouraging teachers to share their experiences.

We’ve found TweetChat the most convenient way to participate in a Twitter Chat. Watch our Twitter Chat tutorial here.

#DoceriChat Questions for March 26, 2014

1. Please introduce yourself. Here’s your Do Now: To me, the term Interactive Teaching means ___ .
2. How does #Doceri aid in making your classroom an interactive space?
3. The timeline is unique to Doceri. How have you used the timeline feature to enhance the engagement of your lessons?

We’ll share a Doceri tutorial, and some examples showing how the Timeline has been used to create engaging lessons

4.  Please share a screencast that uses the timeline to engage students.
5. Is there a difference between student engagement and behavior management?
6. How does being an interactive teacher aid in your behavior/ classroom management?
7. Are there any timeline skills that you wish you were a master of? Animation? Creating step instructions?
8. Exit ticket: Finish this sentence: If class time is showtime. I am the _________ of my class.

Join us at 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern on Wednesday March 26 for #DoceriChat on Twitter.


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