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Doceri Chat Archive: March 19, 2014

Highlights from our first Doceri Twitter Chat

Join other interactive teachers on Twitter Wednesdays at 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern for an hour of #DoceriChat. .

For our first chat, questions posed by moderator Jason Gilmore were focused on getting to know each other

Q1: Do you use Doceri mostly as a whiteboard/PC Remote Desktop control in class, to create flip videos, or both

Q2: Where do you make your screencasts available for students to view?

DoceriChat-graphicQ3: Did you teach Doceri to yourself or did another user train you?

Q4: What drove you to look for Doceri?

Q6: Anyone use Doceri over Airplay?

Q7: How much time do you put into your screencasts?

Q8: What topics would you like to see on a future Doceri Chat?


Follow along with the conversation highlights here. We even had some dedicated teachers join us rink-side from the Winnipeg Jets game and court-side from the Dallas Mavericks game! You can join the conversation from just about anywhere!


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