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Doceri + Apple Pencil+ iPad Pro: Like Butta!

imageHave you ever cut into butter with a warm knife? Slides right through, right? (like butta!) Using Doceri with the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro feels just like that. Previous to the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro I was using Doceri on an iPad2 with a Jot Script stylus and I thought that was great. Boy was I wrong! The only thing better than using the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro is paper and pencil. It’s the best stylus/ tablet combo I have tried thus far.

The Pencil connects to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth 4.2. It only works with the iPad Pro series. The pencil is rechargeable by sticking the non writing end into the charging port. Amazingly, to fully charge it only takes 30 minutes. I often forget to recharge after my classes but if I charge it for about 20 seconds it’s good to go for a class or two. image

The butta’ part is the smoothness in drawing. It feels well balanced in my hand where as the Jot feels heavier in the back compared to the tip. The pressure sensitivity seems great on the Pencil. The palm rejection is 98% of the time accurate. I have actually attempted to make marks with my palm while drawing but it’s actually hard to make, which is great!

Reliability, consistency, and feel in your hand; Apple Pencil is superior to every low cost and expensive stylus I have used before. It just feels natural, which is quiet an accomplishment for a high tech drawing solution. If you’re thinking of flipping with Doceri; go all in. The combo will make your screencast development easy. Just go to the Apple Store and give the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil a try. Ask them to download Doceri and demo the tool set for yourself. You will be glad you did! Below is one of my first screencasts with Apple Pencil and Doceri “A Brief History of Muralism.”


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