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Doceri and Edmodo: A Powerful Combination

From our research it seems our heaviest users export Doceri screencasts to a Learning Management System (LMS) of some sort. Just about two thirds of the Doceri teachers surveyed chose to use Edmodo, a class webpage or another LMS to post and store their screencasts. Other popular choices for an LMS are: Schoology, School Loop, and Blackboard.

I’ve had experience with all three. For me, Edmodo was the easiest product to set up and use both for teachers and students. While both Schoology and School Loop are great systems they are usually employed by districts rather than individual classroom teachers.

The beauty of Edmodo is that it is easy for an individual teacher to implement without district or even school IT involvement. Thus, for teachers without a district supported LMS teachers do not have to wait for districts to purchase and implement the product. It’s free and easy for an individual teacher to begin to use right away. Once you have created your account you’ll be able to establish a ‘classroom library’ where you can post your screencasts to provide your students, students families, and even a teacher’s aid  access to your instruction at anytime.

Beyond screencast storage and distribution, there are myriad uses for an LMS such as class discussions, scheduling your screencasts as assignments, and monitoring progress of your students work.

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