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Doceri Aids Teachers In Flipping Their Classrooms

5 Free (or Low-Cost) Tools for Flipped Learning
From screencasting to interactive presentations, here are some resources to get a flipped class off
the ground.

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This is a portion of an article written By Dennis Pierce and posted on 05/06/15 for Campus Technology.


Flipping the classroom typically requires the use of certain technology tools, whether for
recording lecture content or for orchestrating classroom discussion.
Jon Bergmann, a pioneer of the flipped classroom and co-creator of FlippedClass.com,
categorizes these tools into four different groups: video creation tools, like screencasting
software; video hosting tools; interactive tools that help professors check for understanding and
foster discussion among students; and learning management systems for tying all of this together.
Some products and services perform more than one of these functions — and a few do all four.
FlippedClass.com includes a section with reviews of various flipped learning tools.
CT talked with a number of flipped learning experts, and here are some of their top
recommendations for free or low-cost tools to get you started.

Doceri is a versatile app that lets you create, share, annotate and control presentations, and you can also record and share screencasts. The iPad version is free, and a Windows 8.1 version costs $4.99. Trying to record voice narration while also recording or annotating a presentation can be challenging, and Doceri simplifies this process with a timeline-based editor that lets you capture a presentation first, then go back and add voice narration where appropriate. You can also pause a recording as many times as you need.

Doceri also gives you many options for uploading or sharing screencasts. You can share a
screencast directly to YouTube or Facebook; send it privately as an e-mail attachment; save it to
your camera roll; transfer it to your computer via iTunes; upload it to a learning management
system or Google Drive; incorporate it into iBooks Author; or import it into iMovie, Adobe
Premiere or other video editing software. With a $30 desktop version of Doceri, you can connect an iPad to your computer, and the software mirrors your computer on the iPad.

“I use Doceri to mirror my iPad screen to the computer screen, and then I use a program called
Camtasia to capture the video,” said Robert Talbert, a professor of mathematics at Grand Valley
State University in Michigan. “A colleague of mine is using just the Doceri app on the iPad to
create screencasts, and that costs nothing.”

To set started with Doceri go to The Doceri Training Course. The course costs $30 which includes a license key for Doceri Desktop. If you already have a license key you can take the course for free!!

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