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Creating Screencasts on the Fly

When choosing presentation technology, consider what is asked of all teachers in the classroom.

—> Teachers are asked to provide equal access to the core content to all students.

—> Teachers are expected to be clear, conisise, and engaging to their students.

—> Plus, teachers are asked to use multimodes of of instruction to support different learners.


In the Doceri trigonometry screencast (below) by MustangAlgebraGuru the teacher has prepared the slides of his screencast ahead of time, but records the audio “on the fly” in class. This is possible using Doceri Desktop. Just connect to your PC with your tablet, play your screencast, and press record. In the end, you end up with your entire lesson recorded.

MustangAlgebraGuru’s lessons end up only being around 8-10 min which is optimal for a lecture style lesson.


When presenting using Doceri a teacher adds the following assets to their practice:

—> A teacher can be mobile to roam around the room and check for understanding as they instruct.

—> The recording of the lesson allows students who have difficulty taking notes to be engaged but not lose information.

—> Administration can help a teacher improve their presenting and planning skills by watching a series of lessons rather than observing one lesson on one day.

—> AND, because¬†lessons involve visual, audio, and (if your students solve problems on your tablet) kinesthetic you will be supporting learning styles of all types.


Through Doceri Desktop and the Doceri app a teacher can help make core content more accessible, more engaging, and provides the teacher with a record of their own progress in order to improve their craft.


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