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Create a Holiday Greeting Video with Doceri

SnowmanTemplateWhy not wish everyone on your list a Happy Holiday with a custom Doceri video or festive image?

Use our Snow Man Holiday template, or create your own with these simple steps.


Using our Snowman Holiday Greeting Template

Click the download link below for our .DOCERD Doceri Template file. Instructions for opening the template from your iPad and from your computer are below. Once you open the template in Doceri, you can move the timeline ahead and add your own drawings, written holiday greetings… even drop in your family photos!


OpenInFrom your iPad, clicking the download link will open a new window with the dialog box shown here.

Select Open In Doceri. Doceri will launch with the template placed in your Projects folder.

From your PC or Mac, download the .DOCERD file and place it in the Saved Drawings Folder inside your Doceri folder on your computer. Once it is saved on your desktop, you’ll see the thumbnail in your Projects Folder in Doceri on your iPad when connected via Doceri Desktop.

To locate your Doceri folder on your desktop, launch Doceri Desktop and select the Doceri hand icon from your system tray. Click on Settings and Files to check for the location path of your Doceri folder. Make sure you place the .DOCERD file in the Saved Drawings Folder inside your Doceri folder.


Sharing your Holiday Greeting Video via Email, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter

Once your drawing is just the way you want it – complete with stop points if you like – back up to the beginning of the timeline and press the REC button to record a custom voice over. Tell your friends and family happy holidays… play some music … or just laugh a lot. Its the happiest time of year, after all. Press REC again to stop recording.

After you stop recording, press the REC button again and choose My Recordings. This is where you’ll find your completed video along with your sharing options. Email it right from your iPad, or upload directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Or, skip to the end of the timeline and share a JPG or PDF image of your completed drawing via email, Facebook or Twitter via the Export button in the toolbar at the top of your iPad screen.


Ideas for Creating Your Own Holiday Greeting

Import a family or holiday photo into Doceri from your iPad Camera Roll, hand-write your greeting and email it right from Doceri using the export button at the top of your iPad screen.

Or, take the time-treasured Holiday Letter to the next level! Create a visual holiday letter, recapping your year by importing photos and adding hand written captions with stop points at each section. When you’ve created your visual scrapbook, record a voice over and upload the screencast video to your Facebook page or to YouTube and share the link with your Holiday list.


We’d love to see your Doceri Holiday Greetings! 

We’ll be watching YouTube for your holiday greetings and we’ll share them on our YouTube Channel, our Facebook page, Twitter and on Pinterest.

Here’s ours!


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