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Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom

Creativity is at an all time high in the classroom. Every day we’re talking to teachers who are using Doceri to create their own lessons on their iPads – and the sky’s the limit as to what they can do.

But what about copyright, and what is fair use? Teaching the concept – and serving as a role model in the classroom – are both important given today’s explosion of new media opportunities.

Resources for Teaching Fair Use

Stanford University Libraries offers a terrific one-page primer on Copyright & Fair Use. The Center for Social Media, sponsored by the School of Communication at American University offers the Fair Use Question of the Month on its blog – this month’s question is about resources for teaching fair use.

For those working with the K-12 set, Wes Fryer has graciously reprinted the copyright section of his eBook, Playing with Media on his Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog, in which he offers the Mnemonic “Harry Potter Can Fly” to teach and remember copyright and fair use guidelines relating to media sharing and fair use.

* Home Grown
* Public Domain
* Creative Commons
* Fair Use

Finding Materials for Use in the Classroom

The possibilities for creating and sharing content in the classroom – and out – are endless. Here are some resources for finding suitable images and lesson hand outs that can be freely used, such as when creating lessons with Doceri, both in the classroom and on the Internet.

*  The Georgia Perimeter College Library Blog has some great resources for finding copyright-free digital images

Flickr hosts a searchable archive of  images that users offer under the Creative Commons License

* The Make Use Of blog recently posted a nice article on How to Find Creative Commons Content with Google

And if you don’t yet know about Creative Commons, here’s an overview. You may want to license your Doceri lessons for use under Creative Commons!

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