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Cecil College Puts the Brakes on SMART Board Installation, Implements Doceri throughout the Campus in Two Days

Incorporating innovative use of technology for learning is a key part of the long-term strategic plan at Cecil College in Maryland, combined with a commitment to find and implement cost-saving solutions.

To meet this goal, vice president and CIO Steve diFilipo is always looking for new technologies that will serve the needs of both the college’s faculty and its students. After reading about Doceri on Twitter, diFilipo says he downloaded the trial version, had it installed on his desktop computer and his iPad and was working with it effectively in about 15 minutes.

This revelation came at just the right time. diFilipo and his team were on track to purchase and install a number of new SMART Board interactive whiteboards throughout the colleges two primary campuses, when he discovered Doceri.

“We put the brakes on the SMART Technology project when we realized that Doceri would deliver interactive whiteboarding at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, installing and calibrating SMART interactive whiteboards.”

“There are more than 35 rooms throughout Cecil’s campuses already equipped with video projection, and we were able to outfit all of those rooms with Doceri easily over the course of two days, and at a much more reasonable cost,” said diFilipo.

The use of iPads as control devices for interactive whiteboarding made good sense to diFilipo. About one quarter of the Cecil College faculty is involved in new technology including music, physics and engineering, visual communications and art, business and marketing. iPads are already in use by the faculty and students alike, and this trend is expected to increase.

Formal Doceri training sessions are being offered to faculty this fall, along with one-on-one support as needed.

“We like to offer a smorgasbord of technology options for our faculty to choose from and we’re always open to implementing technologies that our staff requests,” says diFilipo. “But after implementing Doceri, it will take a lot to convince me of the necessity of a stand-alone, interactive whiteboard permanently attached to the wall.”

In addition to the cost savings and ease of installation, diFilipo believes that the interactive process fostered by using Doceri in the classroom will solve social anxiety issues for students.

“Rather than putting students on the spot with an expectation to approach the front of the class with chalk or whiteboard marker, instructors can hand the iPad to the student at their desks to ask them to solve a problem. They’re still on the spot to demonstrate proficiency, but the situation is less daunting.”

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