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Doceri in the math classroom

How many triangles do you see?

Here’s a puzzle to solve. True, math has definite rules,  but we’ve seen some creative answers to this question. What’s your answer? Try using Doceri to count the triangles, and support your solution. If you’re already using Doceri 2.0 just click here on your iPad to open the triangle drawing in Doceri.   You’ll see […]

Doceri Creates New Teaching Strategies

Why Doceri? Students need to learn to reason. Doceri motivates students. Doceri changes how students learn. Doceri changes the way students think. How does Doceri do it? Doceri creates new ways to analyze thinking.  In the previous blog entry we wrote about Mrs. Zora and how she uses Doceri to teach mathematical reasoning to her […]

Doceri in Mrs. Whitman’s 7th Grade Math Classroom

Anne Whitman went to a tech conference organized by her local County Education Office last February with a single goal: she had just bought an iPad, she recognized the potential for it to change her approach to teaching, and she was there to find out how. “I fell in love with Doceri from the moment […]

Isolating Errors in Math Problems Using Doceri

The morning Math Challenge in Mrs. Zora’s classroom has taken a bit of a twist toward the end of the school year. Since this past Spring, she’s been using her iPad with Doceri software to encourage her students to take risks, and better understand their problem solving steps. “The students work the problem and I […]

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