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Announcing #DoceriChat on Twitter

Twitter-Chat-March-19-14We’re launching our first Twitter Chat on Wednesday March 19, 2014!

Join us on Twitter at 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern using the hashtag #DoceriChat.

Our education community advocate Jason Gilmore will lead the chat. With this first session, we’ll get to know each other with some basic questions about Doceri in your classroom – then we want to find out what everyone would like to discuss next time around. We’ll see if Wednesdays at 5pm Pacifc works for everyone and we’ll schedule our next chat.

Here are the “Get to Know You” questions for the March 19 chat

Q1: How long have you been using Doceri?

Q2: Do you use Doceri mostly as a whiteboard/ PC Remote Desktop control in class, to create flipclass videos, or both?

Q3: Where do you make your screencasts available for students to view?

Q4: What has been your students reactions to your screencasts?

Q4: What topics would you like to see on a future #DoceriChat?

Exit Ticket: Please share a Doceri video for everyone to see!


Participating in a Twitter Chat

Here’s a screencast on using HootSuite or TweetChat to participate in a Twitter Chat.


Chat Archive

After the chat, we’ll archive the highlights using Storify. Check back here for the recap!



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