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All Doceri Teachers are Winners: 94% Say they are better able to manage their classrooms!

Big thanks to everyone who participated in our recent survey about how Doceri has changed their classrooms over the past school year!

Chris Wolf of Vernon Hills High School in Vernon Hills Illinois is the winner of the iPad Mini. He says he loves using Doceri and has wanted to try it with the iPad mini… so now he can! Congratulations, Chris!

The three winners of the iPad Presentation cases are: Rory Karl from Fredon Township School in Newton New Jersey, Instructional Technologist Dan Spencer fromĀ Jackson County Intermediate School District, Jackson Michigan and Ron Miller from the University of Michigan School of Education.

Our iPad presentation cases snap on to the iPad, and provide a velcro-adjustable hand strap on a swivel back, so you can confidently hold the ipad in one hand and annotate or control your computer via the iPad with the other. Ask us about the new cases!

Doceri-Increase-Classroom-Management-2013We’re analyzing the results of the survey now, and we’ll make the resulting report available for download soon. In the mean time, its clear that teachers who’ve used Doceri in their classrooms over this past year have seen some big changes.

94 percent of Doceri teachers surveyed said they are better able to manage their classrooms because they can move around among their students.

In fact, this is the comment we hear most often from teachers in iTunes app store reviews, in our community forum, in emails and in person. The ability to move around the room while keeping lessons on track gives teachers a much clearer view of what’s happening in the classroom, how their lesson material is being received and which students may need more help in certain areas.

If you’ll be at ISTE in San Antonio June 23-26, be sure to stop by the Doceri by SP Controls booth, #7372, to find out more about how Doceri gives teachers a clearer view of what’s happening in their classrooms.

We’re giving away free Doceri licenses and iPad presentation cases at each of our in-booth presentations at ISTE!


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