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5 Ways to Untether The Classroom

We talk to a lot of teachers.

On Twitter, Facebook, via our Doceri Community, phone support line and email, teachers tell us over and over again that what they love about Doceri is that they can move around among their students. That’s why this blog is called Freedom to Teach. The phrase we use, and hear back from Doceri teachers is “untethered teaching.”

This whole idea of untethered teaching came about when the iPad was introduced. Doceri chief architect Paul Brown immediately recognized the iPad as the technology that would deliver the much sought-after universal remote.

In reality, the Doceri presentation system is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to untethering the classroom.

5 Ways to Untether the Classroom with SP Controls and Doceri

DoceriClassroom1. Classroom teachers can access and control the room projector and/or displays remotely via tablet.

2. Display sources can be easily switched to show any device in the room such as a document camera, media player like Google Chromecast, DVD/Blue Ray player or Apple TV – and their functionality can be controlled remotely.

3. The technology department can proactively manage the equipment including monitoring projector bulb life and schedule shut down times remotely to insure classroom technology  is available when needed.

4. Features that allow requests for technical support or emergency assistance can be programmed to be submitted directly from the teacher’s tablet.

5. And, of course, all programs, files and pedagogical resources on the classroom computer or teacher’s personal laptop can be remotely accessed and annotated from anywhere in the room, using Doceri Desktop and the Doceri tablet app.

The power of Doceri to create and deliver engaging lessons is only part of the story. The Doceri Classroom truly delivers complete untethered teaching. Find out more about the Doceri Classroom here on our web site.

Today’s schools have limited budgets and staff to support technology, which makes our Doceri Classroom must-have infrastructure for any school. Our system, when used with Doceri, offers a centrally managed, locally controlled solution that enables you to monitor, control and provide security campus-wide using existing networks and computers. Plus, of course, teachers can control the AV equipment while moving freely around the room, using an tablet as their presentation tool.


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