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[dō-SAIR-ee]: To be taught or shown

The Path to Doceri

Doceri is the ultimate realization of the quest we embarked on when we started SP Controls in 1997 - the quest for the "one remote" to simply and easily control all the devices in your classrooms and conference rooms. When the iPad was announced, I immediately knew that this wonderful product was the right platform on which to realize the dream. Within two weeks we had assembled the team and started on the project. After a full year of development, a labor of true joy at every step, we released Doceri to the world in February 2011.

With each passing day, we see more and more interesting things that you, our user community, have made with Doceri. You have shown us that Doceri, in your talented hands, can do things we never imagined. We are humbled that you invested your valuable time to learn and use Doceri.

We asked you what you would like to see next , and you’ve exceeded our expectations with your dreams for Doceri. The new Doceri, released in June 2012, represents more than an upgrade – it’s a new direction that builds on our original design, retaining our high quality desktop remote control and classroom management system, improving on the idea of the universal remote. The result is a true iPad creation application for drawing, hand-written presentations, presentations, graphics, animation and audio/video screencasts.

Now, we’re excited about what’s next for you. What will you create with Doceri?


Paul Brown
CEO, SP Controls
Chief Architect of Doceri

About SP Controls

SP Controls

SP Controls has revolutionized audiovisual control technology for nearly fifteen years with its innovative, easy-to-use, and inexpensive products for classrooms and conference rooms. When Apple announced the release of the iPad, SP Controls immediately saw the potential for a new generation of simple, intuitive interface solutions. With its new Doceri suite of products, a variety of options and applications bring presentation technology down to earth. Doceri is taking control technology to the next level.

15 Years of Innovation for Education

SP Controls’ first home was on the campus of Stanford University, where co-founders Paul Brown and Gary Arcudi developed and immediately deployed the original SmartPanel. The idea was very basic: create a universal audio/video controller that was simple to configure, intuitive to use and that couldn’t be misplaced.

The first Smart Panel was deployed at Stanford in 1997, and SP Controls has continued to innovate in the A/V controller industry for more than 15 years.

Apple iPad: The Game Changer

When Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, SP Controls legacy of innovation took a giant leap. Chief architect Paul Brown recognized this was the platform on which to finally achieve the “one remote” to simply and easily control all the devices in the classroom or conference room.

This line of thinking expanded with the realization that the iPad created the workspace to draw lessons and annotate over files much like expensive interactive whiteboards had done – with the added ability to walk around the classroom and truly interact with the class. The result was the 2011 release of Doceri – a combination of desktop software and iPad app communicating over a wireless network. The Doceri GoodPoint Stylus followed, making drawing and creating lessons with Doceri on the iPad as natural as with pencil and paper.

The Doceri Classroom

Technology alone won’t change the face – or the fate – of education, but in the expert and innovative hands of today’s educators, tools like Doceri are opening new possibilities in classrooms all over the world.

Teachers like Mrs. Dana Zora in Aberdeen, Washington can hand their classroom iPad to a student to complete a math problem – then actually play back the steps that student took to identify where a wrong turn was made. College professors like Dr. Lisa Lindert at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo California can annotate over their PowerPoint presentations either before class, playing through the annotations as they lecture, or on the fly in real-time.

This partnership between SP Controls as the technology innovator, and innovative educators, is at the heart of what drives the Doceri Classroom.

Company Firsts

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