• Palm recognition feature allows you to comfortably rest your hand on the screen while writing.
  • Highly accurate, smooth gliding 4.5mm tips.
  • Draw and erase nibs at each end allow you to flip and erase like a pencil.
  • Writes on any capacitive screen surface.
  • Made in the USA
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What's the Point behind Doceri GoodPoint?

With its unique tip design, Doceri GoodPoint makes accurate handwritten annotations comfortable and easy. While the user’s palm rests on the glass of the iPad, Doceri GoodPoint recognizes the location of the stylus nib and rejects other touches not intended to be strokes*. Special functions can be assigned to Doceri GoodPoint for use with Doceri software, including the ability to click and drag objects using the stylus when in remote desktop mode, as well as a WYSISYG setting that matches the stroke width no matter how far you are zoomed in as you write. The flexible stylus tip glides across the glass surface of the iPad with less friction.

Additionally, Doceri GoodPoint has separate write and erase nibs at each end. This combination of intelligent, customizable features make creating interactive lessons and drawings with Doceri as seamless and natural as with pen and paper.

*When used with Doceri (version 1.2.3 or higher)

Doceri GoodPoint in Action

See what sets Doceri GoodPoint apart from other styli on the market.

Important Notes:

  • The Doceri GoodPoint Stylus requires the use of the iPad's headphone jack and built-in microphone in order to function. For this reason, Doceri functions such as AirPlay Mirroring to an Apple TV or video recording for creating screencasts will not function while the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus is plugged in. To proceed with these functions, unplug the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus from the iPad's headphone jack and use the built in wrist guard found at the bottom of any open project in Doceri
  • To function properly, Doceri GoodPoint stylus requires that you disable Multitasking Gestures in the iPad settings. Read "Disabling Multitasking Gestures" to learn more.
  • Not recommended for use with 3rd party screen protection films coverings.