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How to Use Doceri: Part 2

This introductory video is part 2 of a 3 part instructional series.


One of the most prolific Doceri Teachers, Mark Willis has created a series of three brief Doceri tutorials. He stated in our 1st #Docerichat Google Hangout on November 20th that, “Doceri is such a wonderful piece of software that he just loves to talk to others about it.” That is exactly what he is doing.

In a Teacher Feature (posted April 2014) Mark shared he created more than 1300 Doceri screencasts. Mark said he is now up to about 2000 screencasts.  However, Mark not only uses Doceri to produce screencasts but he has integrated Doceri Desktop into his  daily pedagogy. We think he’s a guy worth listening to about the nuts and bolts of Doceri.


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