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Integrating Science Vocab and Video via Doceri

‘Doceri makes my life as a teacher easier.” – Jason Gilmore.  Here’s how: 

How to Draw an Animal Cell: Live lesson Recorded and Created with Doceri

How to draw an animal cell diagram. I recorded and created this lesson live with Doceri in my middle school STEAM SPED class. Can you imagine if all teachers recorded their lessons? 

Doceri Classroom Training: Using Drawing Mode and Importing a Picture

See inside Jason Gilmore’s SPED/ STEAM class while he shares how to use Doceri within his own pedagogy. Today he toggles between Drawing mode and the internet to screenshot pictures of human cheek cells. He supports his students by instructing them how to draw human cheek cells and shows them what to look for in the microscopes. All while on the move in the classroom supporting his students as he instructs! 

Doceri as Foundation of Classroom Tech Tools: Part 1

Over the past four years Doceri has become the foundation to my edtech tool belt. When presenting or having a discussion I am free to walk around the room and access Class Dojo, Kahoot!, Google Classroom, etc through Doceri. OR I can use it as a digital whiteboard and make a screencast on the fly.  This year I am teaching 7th and 8th grade science to kids with IEP’s.  I am also teaching art to a mix of kids with and without IEP’s. I’ll take you through how I use Doceri and show you just how important it has become to my teaching. I’d never want to teach without it! This is part one of a series where you can see how Doceri makes all other apps and content become accessible to my students through Doceri.

YouTube Upload Bug Fix is now available

If you have been having trouble uploading to YouTube directly from the Doceri iPad app, you’re not alone. The difficulty began over the summer when YouTube changed their security protocols. We hope this bug fix has arrived just in time for the start of your school year. SP Controls apologizes if this has caused you or your students any inconvenience.

 To squash this annoying little bug please 1st backup your iPad. Then, go to the App Store to update Doceri to Doceri 2.1.17. Please let us know if you have any issues after the update through our Support Ticket System on our website.

 We can’t wait to see what new brilliance you come up with his year!


Thank you for your patience and happy teaching!

SP Controls and Doceri at ISTE 2017

Welcome to ISTE 2017!  iste 2017 BTeam Doceri is ready to field any Doceri and , Smart Panels, other solutions, including Doceri! Add us into your ISTE plan and see something simple yet effective to help you connect your students with your presentations.

 SEE YOU AT BOOTH 1440 in the middle of the Expo Hall.

Doceri user Contest Winner: Mark Willis

We have a WINNER!! of the Doceri user video contest to win an IPAD PRO AND APPLE PENCIL is… 

Mark Willis!!!  Congratulations Mark! 

Here’s a previous Doceri Teacher Feature About Mark.

Now the winning entry…

Interview with Doceri user video Contest Winner: Mark Willis

Learn more about how Doceri has helped Mark create 5000 instructional videos for his high school level math students.

Jason Gilmore, Doceri Community Advocate’s  interview with Mark Willis.

Doceri Teacher Feature: Toni Weiss

Toni Weiss_3312_pbc

Name:  Toni Weiss

School: Tulane University

State: New Orleans, Louisiana

Job Title: Senior Professor of Practice, Department of Economics; Associate Director, Tulane’s Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching

How do you use Doceri? Do you use Doceri Desktop as well as the iPad app?

Let me start by saying that I have never used PowerPoint when I teach. I teach very large classes (190 students) in a theater type setting. As I lecture, I walk around the room, writing on my iPad, while everything is projected onto the large screen. So, I am essentially using the iPad and Doceri as if I was writing on a chalkboard in the front of the room. The ability to be mobile in the classroom has revolutionized my lectures!

Having content up on the screen makes it significantly easier for all students to see the material, including those who might have a sight impairment. Second, being able to walk among my students, makes the class significantly more engaging – I am no longer the “sage on the stage.” I can address smaller groups of students. Plus, projecting my voice from  different parts of the room keeps the students more focused. I feel like I am having a conversation with my students rather than talking at them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.09.07 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.09.15 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.09.21 PM

As a check for understanding, I can hand my iPad to students and ask them contribute to solving a problem. Economics requires a lot
Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.09.28 PMof graphs so I have the students draw different parts of the graphs and then “pass the iPad.” As the iPad makes its way down a row ofScreen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.15.33 PMstudents the graphs form and everyone else can see mistakes as they happen.

I can further support my students by being able to save the notes an upload them to Canvas so students who have more difficulty taking notes don’t miss any information. Of course, I don’t write down everything I say, so the students still need to pay attention.

What have been the reactions of your students, other staff, and admin,  to your use of Doceri?

Only positive – the students routinely comment on course evaluations that they like that the notes are put up on the screen.

How has Doceri changed how you interact with your students during lectures/ presentations/ small group instruction?

As I said earlier, Doceri has allowed me to actually interact with the students where before it was more difficult.

Have you flipped your classroom?

No, I use a modified-flipped pedagogy. I incorporate lecture as well as active learning into every class period.

Do you have any advice for teachers new to using Doceri, creating screencasts, or integrating tech into their class routines?

I think the hardest part has been manipulating the screen on the iPad as I walk around and even more, getting used to writing on the iPad. I spent a lot of time before bringing it into the classroom practicing my writing. Realizing that I could turn the iPad so it is on landscape rather than portrait and then blowing up the screen helped amazingly.

Highlights from Fabulous Doceri Teachers on the Web!

Doceri Teachers are resourceful and imaginative. See for yourself!


Goodbye Smart Board! Hello TV! Loving Doceri!Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.02.03 PM









Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.04.34 PM

SE Teacher at Grand Haven High School, Adrianne Brown’s fantastic algebra notes using Doceri. Wish we had Ms. Brown as our Math Teacher back in the day!  “I HIGHLY recommend the iPad Pro for Doceri videos! This app flipped my classroom! Easy upload to YouTube and more!”







Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.09.03 PM

Ana Catalina Romero’s Class exploring angles using pattern blocks in 4th grade. Modeling to find answers using Doceri to explain their thinking!











Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.15.10 PMMs. McIntosh’s 3rd grade thinks Doceri is great for recording math videos because students can go back and watch!












Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.21.22 PM

Erin Gerdes’ class uses interactive activities, collaborative math games, & explaining learning with the help of Doceri during 3rd grade math at GHES Gators.








Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.32.30 PM

Matt Salomone mixes analogue white board with Interactive Doceri WhiteBoard. Cool idea! “Annotating my students’ board work from the back row is fun. Thanks Doceri!”












Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.38.15 PM

Another creative mix of analogue and digital by a brilliant Doceri teacher and her students! Don’t forget, digital and realtime are great partners. Ms. Bear 4th grade teacher: “Students sharing their strategies in math using #doceri Interactive WhiteBoard!